Honeywell Sundial Y Plan Pack 22mm PY22AA0000

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Honeywell Sundial Y Plan Pack 22mm PY22AA0000


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Honeywell Sundial Y Plan Pack 22mm

The Sundial Y Plan is suitable for fully pumped systems but with the ability to supply both heating and hot water circuits at the same time, if required.

The Sundial Y Plan Pack is designed to provide independent temperature control of both heating and domestic hot water circuits in fully pumped central heating installations. Sundial Y Plan satisfies the minimum standard requirements of the Building Regulations Part L1 when used in conjunction with radiator thermostats and an automatic bypass valve. For systems in dwellings with a floor area greater than 150m², Sundial S Plan Plus must be used.

The Sundial Y Plan Pack gives your central heating the option to add a three port valve to control your heating and hot water.


  • x1 Three Port Valve and Actuator (22mm)
  • x1 Thermostat
  • x1 Cylinder Thermostat


  • Independently control heating zones and hot water temperature
  • Pump and boiler switched off when the desired settings are reached

Your central heating system has been designed to cope with the coldest weather conditions likely to be experienced in your area. However, for much of the heating season the outside air temperature will be above these extreme conditions and your heating system is then able to supply more heat than you need and unwanted overheating may occur. To ensure that your home is kept comfortably warm while minimising running costs it is essential that an effective control system is fitted.


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£142.40 Excl VAT £170.88 Inc VAT



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