Honeywell Sundial RF2 Pack 5 Y9520Z1007

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Honeywell Sundial RF2 Pack 5 Y9520Z1007


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Honeywell Sundial RF2 Wireless Heating Control pack 5

With a wireless 2 zone programmer and 2 wireless thermostats, this pack contains everything you need to provide a 2 zone heating solution in your home.

With battery powered operation and a clear backlit digital display, the Sundial Pack 5 doesn't require any wiring for installation, making is simple and user friendly.

In a heating system which has no room thermostat, or the system needs upgrading to 2 heating zones, the existing wiring can be used to provide Boiler Interlock by fitting Sundial RF2 Pack 5. This has a full programmer, with independent zone 1 and zone 2 channels and a built in wireless transceiver to enable the wireless room thermostats, maintaining the traditional layout of separate time control and thermostats. It can also be used on new systems. Because the thermostats and the programmer communicate, energy saving and operating benefits are also enabled:

Sundial Pack 5 Benefits

TPI control: Time Proportional and Integral (TPI) control is a method of calculating the demand from a room thermostat, controlling the boiler so that it fires for shorter periods as the temperature approaches the set point. This can offer savings of up to 10% of energy consumption (in a single cycle steady state test).

OpenTherm boiler control: OpenTherm provides more precise control on the boiler through the control of the gas valve. It allows the amount of heat provided by the boiler to be controlled to match the varying demand signal. By reducing the flow temperature to a minimum as it leaves the boiler, the return temperature is kept below the dew point (55oC) whenever possible, thus allowing the boiler to operate in condensing mode.

*Optimum Start: To save energy, let the controls work out when to come on to suit when you want to be warm. Every day the boiler will start at the latest possible moment depending on the weather.

**Delayed Start: Once you have programmed your earliest start time, the controls will delay the boiler firing time on warmer days, when it is possible to save energy.

***Optimum Stop: Saves energy and money by switching off before the normal programme time whenever possible.

Sundial Pack 5 Contents

  • Honeywell ST9520C Wireless 2 Zone Programmer
  • x2 Honeywell DT92E Thermostat

Sundial RF2 Pack 5 Features

  • Energy saving TPI (Time Proportional & Integral Control)
  • Wireless enabled upgrade
  • Two way wireless communication
  • Wireless signal strength communicator
  • Built in timed settings (Economy or Comfort)
  • Line of text display
  • Frost protection on DT92E
  • Tablestop stand supplied for DT92E
  • Battery powered - no wiring necessary


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