Honeywell Evohome Connected Thermostat Pack ATP921R3100
Honeywell Evohome Connected Thermostat Pack ATP921R3100
Honeywell Evohome Connected Thermostat Pack ATP921R3100

Honeywell Evohome Connected Thermostat Pack ATP921R3100

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Honeywell are one of the most popular brands of heating controls within the UK, and their EvoHome thermostat with wi-fi allows you to be in full control of your heating system wherever you are. Unlike other internet enabled thermostats, the Honeywell Evo Home allows you to add multiple heating zones within your home, so you can potentially control each rooms temperature individually and precisely.

Every home is different, so having a thermostat that learns about your home and how long it takes to heat up can greatly help improve energy efficiency and save money. The Honeywell EvoHome is a modular system that can be chopped and changed to suit your needs, with additional zoning/hot water controls available in addition to the Connected starter pack.


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Honeywell Evo Home Thermostat

Controllable by your smartphone or tablet through an app available for Android or iOS devices, the Evo Home can allow you to operate your heating from anywhere you have a connection to the internet. Running late from work and need to delay your heating to avoid energy waste? Or just want to pre heat your home so it's nice a toasty when you get back? The Evo Home opens these options up for you to allow ultimate flexibility and control over your heating.

How Does It Work?

Being fully modular, the Evo Home can be quite difficult to wrap your head around. What do you need? Well it depends on how much control you want. To start building your system, you'll require this 'EvoHome Connected Pack' which contains a relay unit and main control unit. If you have a combi boiler and just want a single zone (1 thermostat for the whole house), then this pack will be all you need.

If you wish to start adding extra zones, or have a hot water cylinder, then you can build your system by adding radiator TRVs and hot water controls which will all communicate with the main controller in this pack.

Honeywell EvoHome Features

  • Responsive touchscreen with an intuitive interface for ease of use
  • Remote access over Wi-Fi using a smartphone or tablet
  • Additional accessories available to cater for exact user requirements
  • Compatible with all domestic wet central heating types (Combi boilers, regular boilers etc)
  • Additional zones (up to 12) can be added using remote radiator sensors and thermostats

honeywell evohome


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