Heatrae Megaflo Eco Systemfit 145sf s22 145l Hot Water Cylinder

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Heatrae Megaflo Eco Systemfit 145sf s22 145l Hot Water Cylinder


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Product details

The Systemfit series of Megaflo eco hot water cylinders are able to provide high levels of efficiency in storing and distributing hot water within your property. The difference between the Megaflo range and Heatrae’s other hot water cylinders is that the Megaflo models are pre-plumbed, making it quick and easy to install within your home.

Heatrae Megaflo Eco Systemfit

The whole process of installing your Megaflo Eco Systemfit cylinder is made smoother as the inner cylinder components have already been fitted. This allows installation to be completed in minimal time and a more reliable and robust installation is achieved.

  • Capacity: 145 litres
  • Element rating at 240V: 1x3kW
  • Coil rating: 18.7kW
  • Weight (when empty): 48kg
  • Weight (when full): 208kg
  • Height: 1229mm
  • Diameter: 597mm


  • Solid structure with enhanced stability
  • Colour coded plumbing connections to aid any maintenance
  • Manufactured in Britain
  • Lightweight with hand grips and detachable handle to improve ease of installation
  • Pre-plumbed to increase installation process by up to 70%
  • Can store up to 125 litres of hot water thanks to the innovative S-plan design
  • Programmable thermostat and Separate central heating and hot water zones
  • Automatic bypass valve and Load balancing valve to increase efficiency
  • Connections for vented and unvented heating primaries.
  • Lifetime cylinder guarantee.

What’s included

  • 1 x Megaflo Eco Systemfit Cl145s22 Direct Unvented Cylinder
  • Factory fitted immersion heater and thermal controls
  • Long-life superloy 825 alloy sheathed elements
  • Cold water inlet control kit: 0.3MPa (3 bar) pressure reducing valve, 0.8MPa (8 bar) pressure relief valve (BS EN 1567, BS EN 1491 EN 13959) 1/4 turn isolating valve, line strainer, non-return valve, drain valve
  • Factory fitted temperature and pressure relief valve set at 90 degrees / 1 MPa (10 bars) (BS EN 1490)
  • Tundish
  • Additional thermostat and cut out
  • Wiring centre 22mm 2 port motorised valve


Show VAT?

£1,612.36 Excl VAT £1,934.83 Inc VAT



  • Lead Time
    5-10 working days
  • Height (mm)
  • Width (mm)
  • Depth
  • Warranty
  • Water supply
  • Heating type
  • Capacity (litres)
    100 - 149
  • Immersion
    1 x 3kw
  • Manufacturer Part No:
  • GTIN