Fernox TF1 Omega Filter 28mm (With Valves)

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Fernox TF1 Omega Filter 28mm (With Valves)


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Designed for domestic properties, the Fernox TF1 Omega Filter collects all types of corrosion, scale and debris that would otherwise pass through a home central heating system. By preventing these contaminants from circulating within the heating system, energy efficiency levels are optimised and the expense and inconvenience of a system breakdown or even a complete replacement can be avoided.

Compact in design, the TF1 Omega is able to fit the snuggest of places and can be installed on horizontal or vertical pipework. The manifold has a 360 degree angle rotation capability and can therefore even be installed at a 45 degree angle without compromising on the performance of the filter. This make the TF1 Omega a versatile product and therefore highly suited to all domestic applications.
Compatible with and endorsed by all major boiler brands, the TF1 Omega filter keeps your system healthy and helps to extend the lifespan of your boiler and system.

The TF1 Omega Filter is also available in an alternative size of 22mm and available in both the 28mm size without valves and 22mm size without valves.


  • Holds a high capacity of debris and contaminants
  • High performance, nickel plated, brass in-line filter
  • Adaptive design, making installation quick and easy
  • Featuring a powerful neodymium magnet and hydronic particle separation technology
  • 25 year body and parts warranty as standard.
  • Easy to clean without a need to dismantle. Suited to be cleaned at the time of your annual boiler service.
  • Can be installed horizontally, vertically or at a 45 degree angle.
  • Will not block or restrict flow

What is a TF1 Omega Filter?

PDF DownloadClick here to view the TF1 Omega Filter (with valves) Product Data Sheet

Want to find out more about how Fernox can help ensure the health of your heating system? Take a look at our Fernox help page to view more information on the TF1 Omega Filter and the rest of the Fernox product range.


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£139.62 Excl VAT £167.54 Inc VAT



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