Aquabion Water Conditioner

Aquabion Water Conditioner

The build-up of limescale in your home’s plumbing and heating system can not only impact the performance of your appliances and pipework but can also affect the quality of the water that you drink and use every day.

Homeowners spend thousands of pounds every year trying to reduce and remove chalky limescale within their system caused by hard water. The Aquabion water conditioner helps prevent build-up, while maintaining drinkable water that still includes all the naturally occurring minerals.

How does it work?

The Aquabion water conditioner is fitted to your heating system’s pipework and water flows through it as part of its everyday operation. As water passes through the Aquabion unit, sacrificial zinc ions are released into your system. In turn, the zinc ions react with the calcium in the water and oxidise the zinc, turning it into aragonite. This both stops the build-up of limescale in your heating system and helps to create a protective layer that preserves the integrity of your system further.

Aquabion operates without electricity, chemicals or magnets and is the best alternative to a water softener. This innovative system is used only by Aquabion and has been proven to work between 95-98% of the time, generating safe drinking water and a cleaner system.

Why choose Aquabion?

There are many different technologies used by various manufacturers to try and create the elusive non-adhering lime. Aquabion favours a zinc technology, a technology when combined with Aquabion's self-cleaning patent removes the risk of fouling. An unpleasant and common issue seen with other technologies. 

Key benefits of Aquabion

  • Easy to install
  • 1 year guarantee
  • 5 year replacement warranty

Benefits Of Aquabion Water ConditionerHard water v’s soft water

Although hard water causes a build-up of limescale there are advantages and disadvantages to both hard and soft water.

Advantages of hard water:

  • Hard water will not deteriorate your pipes
  • Hard water is safe to drink

Disadvantages to hard water:

  • Hard water can block your pipes
  • You will require more detergent to wash your clothes with hard water
  • Hard water causes limescale build-up which in turn, shortens the lifespans of your household appliances.

Advantages of soft water:

  • Soft water is safe to drink
  • Reduces/limits limescale build-up
  • Produces softer clothes when washed
  • Gentle on hair and skin

Disadvantages of soft water:

  • Potential corrosion problems in certain areas
  • Biological risks in certain conditions – can lead to fouling
  • Requires attention and maintenance
  • The salt used impacts the environment through being mined, cleaned, and transported to where it is needed.
  • Used salt is discharged into local rivers

Aquabion’s unique combination of zinc technology and its self-cleaning patent produces a water conditioner that combines all the advantages of hard and soft water. Aquabion removes 95% of the disadvantages of hard water without making artificially soft water.

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