Myson Premier Compact Radiators

  • Myson premier compact radiatorsHeight range: 300mm to 700mm
  • Width range: 300mm to 2000mm
  • Types Available: K1, K2 or P+
  • Warranty: 10 Years

The Myson Premier Compact Radiators are very similar to the sleek Select Compact range (they both have a top grille and side panels), but the big different is that the Premier Compact radiators have smooth rounded edges.

With 121 different radiators available in the Premier Compact range, you have a massive selection of heights, widths and BTU heat outputs to choose from. You can also select K1, K2 or P+ radiator models depending on what you need. 10 year manufacturer warranties are available across the Myson Premier Compact radiator range.

A restocking charge of up to 25% will be applied to selected radiators returned surplus to requirement (unless goods are returned faulty when no restocking charge will apply).

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