Honeywell Heating Controls and Solutions

Honeywell Logo Honeywell designs and manufactures heating controls which are trusted for their quality and reliability by heating engineers around the nation. As part of the TACMA domestic heating controls and accessories group, Honeywell design their products with their end user in mind. Ensuring each product promotes energy saving solutions while utilising the heating industries latest and greatest technologies.

When it comes to heating controls Honeywell have a product suited to everyone’s needs, from the basic timer to a fully comprehensive smart thermostat Honeywell will have something for you. To find out what the differences are between the different types of heating controls visit our Heating Control Guide for more information.

Take full control of your homes heating today and browse our comprehensive range of Honeywell products, from heating spares and accessories to smart thermostats Direct Heating Supplies will have the Honeywell solution for you.

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