Heatrae Boilers

Heatrae Sadia are market leaders in electric heating and the Amptec range of Heatrae boilers are accredited and certified for sale in the EU. With a 99.8% efficiency rating, Heatrae Amptec boilers have been assessed to meet high safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

Heatrae Amptec electric flow boilers provide hot water to a wet central heating system and are suited to pressurised and open vented systems. Slim in appearance and lightweight, Heatrae boilers do not require a flue and are therefore suited to even the snuggest of installations, or in rooms hard to reach from the property exterior.

Amptec works with all standard central heating components including radiators, programmers, thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves and circulating pumps to provide heat around your home.

The Amptec range of Heatrae boileers are available in a range of kW outputs and a 2 year warranty as standard. Order today from Direct Heating Supplies.

We also sell a large range of Heatrae spares.

Please note all boiler and cylinder purchases must be made online and cannot be made via the customer service phone line.

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