Direct Vented Cylinders

Direct - The water in a direct cylinder is heated ‘directly’ by the cylinder itself. Other appliances, such as boilers or solar panels are not used to generate the hot water within the cylinder. Instead an immersion heater within the cylinder itself is used to heat the water.

Some cylinders have more than 1 immersion heater installed within them to allow a more powerful performance, producing more hot water quickly.

Direct cylinders come as either vented or unvented models (this impacts on how the water is distributed across the property to the hot water outlets such as showers & taps) and they tend to be used when a traditional central heating system is not available.

Vented - Vented hot water cylinders rely on a feeder tank to provide it with mains fed cold water. This water is then heated and is distributed to the hot water outlets (i.e. taps, showers) as part of a gravity led system.

Vented cylinders tend to be used alongside regular boiler installations, whereas unvented cylinders are commonly used with system boiler installations.

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