What thermostat do I need for an air source heat pump?

Thermostats for heat pumps have one simple job to perform, switching the heat pump on or off as per the programmed input, for example, the current room temperature, time of day or other smart features.

A heat pump thermostat's basic function is based around the temperature, when the temperature indoor falls below the set number, the thermostats will know to turn the heat pump on. The heat pump is switched off once the set temperature is reached.

The three types of thermostats suitable for use alongside an air source heat pump are, mechanical, electrical, and smart.

Mechanical thermostats are the least expensive of the three, like a standard manual thermostat they are basic in terms of function, allowing you to turn your heat pump on or off. Electrical thermostats can be programmed with details like date and time, and whether you’d prefer manual or automatic functioning.

Smart thermostats can do all the above, whilst allowing you to connect wirelessly via your phone or smart device. You can use an app to operate and schedule your smart thermostat.

Thermostats are not universal in their operation as they might not work with all types of HVAC units. It is best to check before you purchase if the model is compatible with the heat pump installed in your home.

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