What thermostat do I need?

We always try to help our customers where possible but if you are looking for technical advice specific to your home, we recommend speaking with a qualified tradesperson.

The type of thermostat you require depends on the level of control you want over your heating system.

A manual thermostat offers basic control, allowing you to set simple temperature requirements, they are best suited for areas where the heating requirements remain the same day in and day out.

If you’re looking for a little more control, like the ability to set daily schedules then a programmable thermostat may be more suited to your requirements.

If you have a busy lifestyle and wish to have the ability to adjust your home heating, from outside the home then we recommend a smart thermostat.

Regardless of the type of thermostat you choose, ensuring the thermostat works alongside your boiler model is key. Smart thermostats, for example, can be used with most modern boilers, including gas and oil boilers, however, if the boiler is damaged or is an older model, a smart thermostat may not be able to connect.

Leading manufacturers like Worcester and Vaillant, have designed a range of smart thermostats specifically for use alongside their boilers, this ensures compatibility and offers a more convenient shopping experience.

The best way to ensure a thermostat can be used with your boiler is to consult an electrician. If you are looking for a registered electrician, you can use the electrical safety first website.

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