What are the benefits of renewable energy?

Over the last few years, there has been a huge move towards renewable energy. As the United Kingdom moves towards being carbon neutral by 2050, renewable heating will become a standard part of our homes. There are many benefits to switching to renewable energy, but the main reasons are the environmental benefits.

Help the environment

Renewable energy produces significantly lower greenhouses gases than fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels release harmful pollution into the atmosphere and add to air pollution, renewable options allow you to rely a lot less on fossil fuels which in turn improves the air quality as less harmful pollution are being input into the atmosphere.

Heat pumps not only are efficient in the way they run they also produce no emissions so are extremely environmentally friendly.

It’s renewable

Renewable energy is constantly replenished, we will always have wind, sun, and water. By generating electricity from these sources of clean energy we can help make sure we don’t run out of the earth’s resources.

Long term savings

There can also be cost advantages to renewable options which are dependent on the option you choose and which appliance you are comparing to. Whilst the initial installation can be significant, on average, renewable options are very cost-effective as they tend to store excess energy and only use what is needed by the household.

Government incentives

The government offers incentives on certain renewable heating options for your home. It is worth looking into these if you are considering upgrading your home.

Low maintenance

Heat pumps have very few moving parts and are robust, so the maintenance level is low. Whilst yearly checks are always advised they are not always required.

Health benefits

Long-term exposure to air pollution can contribute to some lung conditions. The British Lung Foundation state there is good evidence of long-term exposure to air pollution can contribute to the development of asthma. Therefore, by everyone making the move to being carbon neutral over the next few years, the population's health will improve.

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