7 bathroom ideas for your renovation

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, but have no idea where to start, then you’ve come to the right place.

Your bathroom is an extension of you and what you enjoy. It’s somewhere where you can switch off. Gone are the days where it was merely a room for cleaning.

Now, your bathroom is a place where you can relax and unwind from a long day – where you can start your day with ease and where you can end your day with full relaxation.

Here, we have 7 ideas that can help you to start thinking about your bathroom designs.

1) Be tranquil and go green

Adding green plants to your bathroom space will instantly add a calming, natural tone. From fresh aloe to a tropical coconut palm tree, a house plant in your bathroom will add an organic, clean sense to your space. 

If you’re thinking of taking your renovation one step further, you can add the Roca Cadiz collection of bathroom ware alongside your greenery.

The Roca Cadiz bath tub holds a subtle and sleek finish. Its smooth, rectangular design will add a modern taste alongside a natural, green atmosphere.

By going green and updating your bathtub, you are sure to love the serenity of your new bathroom.

2) Be daring and upgrade to gold

By upgrading your taps alone, your bathroom is sure to feel new and refreshing. Get rid of those old, rusty taps and invest in some new, shiny ones.

Be daring and go gold. These Colonial Gold Basin Taps from Bristan are sure to stand out. Exuding a unique and luxurious aesthetic, the shine from these Bristan taps will instantly enhance your room’s atmosphere.

3) Be powerful and add a statement shower

Bathrooms are nothing without a powerful, radiating shower. Adding a shower that is eye-catching and different from the rest of the room will exude an extravagant vibe.

We have the perfect shower to do just this. With a matte-black finish, the Methven Aurajet is bold, daring and powerful.

If you really want to push the boundaries, installing the jet back Aurajet against a sleek, white marble will catch everybody’s attention.

Combining luxury with the contemporary, this black and white contrast is sure to wow anybody that sees this.

4) Be bold and choose patterned tiles

Whether you prefer colour or back and white, choosing a patterned tile will certainly boost your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Patterned bathroom tiles are all the rage right now. With an emphasis on making your home fun, inviting and unique, it’s no wonder why choosing patterns is such a popular choice.

Not only this, but patterned walls can either add to a fun vibe, or it can radiate calm and tranquillity, depending which colour and pattern scheme you choose.

The Towelrads towel rail from their Mayfair collection will be a perfect choice against a patterned backdrop.

Ultra-modern yet subtle and silken, this chrome, minimal design will definitely blend in incredibly well with your patterned walls. 

5) Be practical with floating shelves

I’m sure we can all agree that life is hectic. By prioritising practicality and adding floating bathroom shelves, this will improve your morning routine massively.

Thanks to this simple yet functional bathroom addition, you will have everything you need in front of you for when you get ready for the day.

What’s more, adding storage in a simple and minimal way will save space and give less stress.

If you’re loving the minimal, tidy vibe, then why not have a look at Roca’s Senso Square collection?

This collection is specifically designed for smaller spaces. Finished to a high standard with smooth, right-angled curves, Roca’s Senso Square will look beautifully sleek and clean alongside your new floating shelves.

6) Be unique and accessorise

If you want to upgrade your bathroom on a budget, accessorise. Whether that’s with simple storage wicker baskets or rounded bathroom mirrors, bathroom accessories are an easy and effective way to get the style you want.

We love adding a decorative ladder to the bathroom. Pretty yet practical, a wooden ladder will add warmth to your space with its natural, earthy tones. What’s more, it’s another space to hang your towels.

If you’re looking to accessorise with a larger budget, the Towelrads Vetro Wet Soap Central Heating Radiator Mirror will definitely make a statement.

Unique, functional and minimal, this radiator mirror will look perfect next to your wooden decorative ladder. With its smooth, rounded edges, you are sure to upgrade your bathroom with this addition.

7) Be bright and add bathroom lights

Focusing on your lighting can immediately upgrade your bathroom space. From dimmers to coloured spot-lights, prioritising lighting can add to the atmosphere you want to create.

If you’re looking to create a tranquil, opulent space, adding a chandelier will give a sense of luxury and class.

What’s more, choosing the Towelrads Dorney Anthracite Towel Rail will add to this lavish yet cultured vibe. Anthracite is sleek. Its earthy, contemporary, coal-black tone will modernise and tastefully add to the backdrop of the chandelier lighting, creating a bathroom space full of class and sophistication.


These 7 bathroom ideas are definitely a great start for if you want to spice up your bathroom style. From accessories to beautiful colours and patterns, you are sure to create the vibe you want. 

Depending on your personal taste, Direct Heating Supplies have something to help you achieve the look that you want. Have a browse at our website for more ideas.

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