What is an immersion heater?

An immersion heater is an electric water heater that is found inside a hot water cylinder. Like a kettle it uses an electric resistance heater (this looks like a big metal loop) to heat the water around it.

Immersion heaters are connected to the mains electric via a cable and come with its own on/off switch to allow you to control the heating of the water in your home and decide when it is needed.

Once the immersion heater has been switched on the metal element in the water will start to heat up, which will, in turn, increase the temperature of the water it is in, just like a kettle does.

Depending on the type of immersion heater you use, it could take between one and two hours for the water to heat up to the desired temperature. It can be beneficial to insulate your cylinder with a jacket to help maintain the temperature of the water and decrease the heating-up time, this will also save money as you will not need to heat the water as frequently.

Immersion heaters are a great way to ensure your home has a backup supply of hot water. As they have their own electricity supply, they do not reply on boilers to work, which means if your boiler breaks down you still have access to hot water.

As well as thermostats and the ability to turn the immersion heater or and off when you require, you can also install an immersion heater timer. This can be set to automatically heat up water at a specific time of the day or night and this would allow you to heat water when the energy tariff is cheaper. If the cylinder is well insulated the water could be kept warm until you require it.

You can also connect immersion heaters to renewable energy sources, like solar panels, perfect if you’re looking to become more eco-friendly and start a renewable energy journey.

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