What is a magnetic filter?

A magnetic filter is a device that is fitted on the pipe that returns water to your boiler. Its function is to prevent unwanted waste materials from entering the system by collecting magnetic debris within the heating system.

Over time rust and corrosion can form in pipes, the debris then peels and combines with other debris to form a sludge-like substance. This sludge can cause blockages and other issues in the system which causes the system to work less efficiently and lead to potential breakdowns and costly repairs.

A magnetic filter works by attracting the corroded debris allowing the water to flow through the system normally, without sludge build-ups. A magnetic filter will maintain your system and keep it as cost-effective as possible for longer.

Magnetic filters for central heating systems have a long list of benefits:

  • Increasing your system’s efficiency by removing debris and unwanted waste materials.
  • More efficient systems lead to savings on your energy bills.
  • Less maintenance is needed when a system has a magnetic filter. If sludge does build-up, you will only need to clean the filter rather than the entire boiler system.
  • Prolongs the life of your boiler.

Magnetic filters are usually fitted when a boiler is first installed however if you are interested in having a magnetic filter fitted, we recommend making sure the person installing your magnetic filter is gas safe registered. You can use the gas safe website to find a registered engineer.

A gas safe registered installer will have a gas safe certificate, this allows them to work on your heating system safely. They will ensure that the magnetic filter meets quality, safety and legal standards set by the government.

To ensure a gas registered installer is suitable for the job you can request to view their gas safe ID card. It will have a photo of them and on the back, there will be an expiry date and a list of jobs they are qualified to complete.

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