Do I need a magnetic filter?

Magnetic filters are beneficial to every home as they break down debris within the system and allow the water to flow without the build-up of sludge. If you want to reduce the risk of expensive repairs and breakdowns, then we highly recommend installing a magnetic filter.

If you are still unsure if a magnetic filter is necessary, we recommend considering one if you have any of the following issues with your heating system:

  • Cold spots on a radiator. If radiators stay cold at the top but remain warm at the bottom, it could be that sludge is blocking the flow of water in the radiator.
  • If you hear noises coming from your boiler, like gurgling or banging this can also be a sign that sludge is building within the system.
  • Regular leaks can also be a notable sign there is sludge build-up within the system.
  • If there are issues relating to a temperature where your water may not be hot enough, this can be caused by water quality.

The issues above if left unresolved can potentially cause damages to your boiler. Sludge in your system can result in higher energy bills, regular repairs and in severe cases lead to a complete boiler replacement.

Without a magnetic filter, it is almost inevitable that sludge will build up and create issues in a home’s heating system. An added benefit of installing a magnetic filter is the life span of your boiler. Some brands like Vaillant and Worcester offer an extended 10-year warranty on some of their boilers when installed with a protection kit, which includes a magnetic filter.

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