What types of boilers are available?

Boilers come in a range of types, styles, and sizes. Below is a list of the most common boiler types available and information about each one to help you decide which type of boiler is best for your space or home. 

Combi Boiler 

Combi boilers are one of the most common boiler types in the UK. A combi boiler heats water on demand, no hot water is stored. They are a combination of a water heater and a central heating boiler in one system. Combi boilers rely on a connection to the mains gas grid to generate the heat and hot water within the property.  Combi boilers use the mains water pressure to supply both hot water and heating upon demand - this removes the need to have bulky kit like tanks or cylinders, something that is very popular for homes which don't have an abundance of space! Performance levels are only compromised if multiple hot water outputs are using mains water pressure at the same time i.e. running a hot bath and hot kitchen tap at the same time may affect the levels of heat and reduce water pressure. 

System Boiler 

A system boiler is very similar to a regular boiler set up. It features a separate cylinder for storing water, which can provide a constant supply of hot water throughout the home, unlike combi boilers which can only heat water on demand. This also makes them more efficient and inexpensive in comparison to a heat only boiler. Most of the components that make up the standard central heating system are incorporated into the boiler system directly. System boilers are available in both gas and oil fuel types. 

Heat Only Boiler 

A heat only boiler, also commonly known as a regular, conventional, or open vent boiler. A heat only boiler is a system made up of two tanks, a hot water cylinder and the boiler. They require fuel such as gas or oil to heat up the water, which is then transported to the hot water tank using a pump. This stored supply of hot water is then drawn upon when hot water is required in the water outlets such as your kitchen and bathrooms. Heat only boilers are popular in large and older properties, as they can meet the demand for hot water across multiple bathrooms.  

LPG Boiler 

LPG boilers rely on a supply of stored gas to generate heat and it is this that makes them popular in properties that do not have direct access to the main gas grid. Calor Gas offer free installation of an over-ground LPG tank to customers who are converting to LPG for the first time. Find out more from Calor's website as well as getting your personalised LPG price quotation online now. Terms and conditions apply. 

Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are a great solution for heating homes which have limited or no access to gas or oil. By not requiring the use of gas or oil, electric boilers have the added benefit of flexible installation. Unlike traditional gas boilers, an electric boiler can be installed in a variety of locations throughout your home. 

Direct Heating Supplies has a variety of boilers available to ensure you will find a boiler suitable for your home. We always recommend before purchasing your boiler you speak with a gas safe registered engineer. 

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