What types of bathroom basins are available?

Choosing a new bathroom basin is a huge task, a basin can define the style of your bathroom.

But don’t worry we are here to help. We have included a list of all the bathroom basins on the market and have included a little description to make it easier for you to choose the perfect one.

Full pedestal basin

One of the most popular basins in the UK is the full pedestal basin. The basin is attached to the wall, and the pedestal is there for aesthetic reasons to conceal the pipework.

Semi pedestal basin

Like the full pedestal basin, the basin is attached to the wall and the pedestal is there to conceal the plumbing.

The semi pedestal only covers a small area below the basin, to give the illusion of more space and offer a modern twist on the full pedestal basin.

Wall hung basin

Wall hung basins, are exactly that. They are basins that are mounted onto the wall. They are compact and space saving. They offer a clean, clutter free appearance as they are not touching the floor or taking up any non-required space. Wall hung basins are usually fitted with either a chrome-plated bottle trap underneath or with a matching white ceramic semi-pedestal. The ceramic semi pedestal option allows for easier cleaning. The chrome is stylish and modern but can be tough to keep shiny.

Countertop basin

Also referred to as vessel basins or sit-on bowls. Countertop basins are a popular choice for minimalistic and contemporary bathrooms. They sit on top of a worktop, or a shelf accompanied by a tall basin tap, or wall mounted basin taps. Countertop basins are built for style rather than space saving. They really are a standout feature piece and are available in a range of shapes, sizes, finishes and designs.

Washstand basin

If you want to combine traditional style and modern design, then a washstand basin is the ideal choice for you. With no pedestal and just a frame surround, they create the illusion of space. The frame can also double as a shelf to keep your bathroom accessories, like towels and lotion.

You will need to purchase a bottle trap underneath, as the plumbing on the basin will be exposed.

Corner basin

Just like a corner bath, the corner basin is just as the name suggests, a basin that is designed to fit into a right-angle corner in almost any room. They are ideal for small bathrooms or downstairs toilets, where the only available space is in the corner of the room. Corner basins are available in both wall-mounted and pedestal forms, they are a practical and affordable solution for small spaces.

Semi-recessed basin

Semi-recessed basins are designed to be used alongside ledges, shelves or coordinating bathroom furniture. The front is usually smooth and rounded and the back is cut to fit within the furniture. This option is a great way to conceal plumbing and store items below the basin. They are great for space-saving on the sides of your bath or reducing the need for additional storage or shelving.

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