What are the types of baths?

There are a variety of bath types to choose from. Whether you are looking for a small bath to fit in a compact bathroom, or a free-standing bath to add a boutique-style there really is a bath for everyone. We have put together a little bit about each type to help you choose the perfect bath for your evening soak.

Straight bath

Straight baths are the most common bathtub type. They are perfect for compact spaces and you can get them in either steel or acrylic. They offer a slim design with a simple shape that works in most bathroom layouts. If you are looking for a small bath, a straight bath might be the best option for you.

Straight baths are usually surrounded by a bath panel to finish off the look. They are usually installed against a wall or within a corner to save space. Straight baths can be used with a shower if you add a bath screen or a shower curtain.

Corner bath

As their name states they are the perfect fit for a corner in your bathroom. If space is tight, you should consider a corner bath. They are usually wider and shorter than a straight bathtub, making them ideal for combining your bath and showering area. Some models offer a built-in-seat which is a perfect solution for washing small children or pets.

You can get corner baths in both symmetrical and asymmetrical models, with the angles of the bath offset to the left or right. Like straight baths they also require a bath panel to finish the look.

Freestanding bath

If you don’t have the worry of space and want the feeling of luxury, a freestanding bathtub is an ideal choice. They don’t have to be placed against a corner or a wall, allowing them to be a real show-stopping feature of your bathroom.

You can get freestanding baths in both contemporary and traditional styles. Freestanding baths come in a variety of shapes too. Choose from styles including slipper, where the back of the tub is higher than the rest of the bath for added comfort, or roll-top, where the rim scrolls over the edges of the tub to give a traditional period look. You often get these style bathtubs in boutique hotels.

If you’re looking for something simple yet understated, then a flat rim tub is a perfect choice. You can choose to add feet to your freestanding bath to finish of the look.

Shower bath

If you’re looking to save space or have a small bathroom, a shower bath is ideal. They combine the practicality of a shower with the luxury of a bath. They are slightly bigger than a standard bath and are often referred to as a P shaped or L shaped bath.

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